Sunday, April 26, 2009

Canon Pixma MP110

How To Reset Waste Ink Canon Pixma MP110

Here this step by step to resetting waste ink counter printer Canon Pixma MP110
1. You will include printer.
2. press button Menu, then Scan, Copy and again Scan. All - entered into the service
regime. 3. Select Counter.
3. Press button Copy - all Pampers is discarded into zero.
4. You will turn off printer by button POWER.

Reset tool permanent for canon Pixma Mp110 Download
Manual reset canon

reset waste ink canon iP4000

Here this step by step to resetting waste ink counter printer canon iP4000
1. With the printer plugged in and powered off, press and hold the
Resume/Cancel button, then press and hold the Power button.
Do not release the buttons. The LED light should be green to
indicate that a function is selectable
2. While holding the Power button, release the Resume/Cancel button,
do not release the Power button
3. While holding the Power button, press the Resume/Cancel button 2 times,
and then release both the Power and Resume/Cancel buttons. Each time the
Resume/Cancel button is pressed, the LED lights alternately in orange and
green, starting with orange.
4. When the LED light is green, press the Resume/Cancel button 4 times. Each
time the Resume/Cancel button is pressed, the LED lights alternately in
orange and green, starting with orange.
5. Press the Power button. The LED lights in green, and the reset is performed.
When the operation completes, the printer returns to the menu selection
mode automatically
6. Press the power button to exit service mode.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


For seri i250, i255, i350, i355, PIXUS 350i

indicates :
WASTE INK TANK Full, printer has no respon

The Solutions :

1. Download i320 Service Tool or 350,355,250,255 Service Tool
2. Do service mode procedure to printer, the methods are ::
- Turn off printer, Take off USB cabel dan power cabel
- Push and hold POWER button, take on power, Turn on printer
- Indikator LED will be in green colour
- Push and let RESUME button, indicator LED will be in yellow colour
- Push and let RESUME button once more, indicator LED will be in green colour
- Let POWER button

This time printer in MODE SERVICE

Reset Manual i255-i355.pdf


3. Do reset waste ink tank procedure with :
4. take on USB cabel
5. Do program General Tool
6. The Figure will be like this :
7. Choose the parameter no 1
8. Put on no 2 according to printer canon, DON”T BE WRONG!!!
9.Congratulation… printer has been in Reset.

software program Adjustment Program

* Stylus Photo Epson 880 - 888
* Stylus Photo Epson C83 - C85
* Stylus Photo Epson R210 - r220
* Stylus Photo Color Epson Stylus C680,777
* Stylus Photo Epson C59
* Stylus Photo Epson C63,C64,C65
* Stylus Photo Epson Stylus CX4900, CX5900,C79, R270
* Stylus Photo Epson Stylus C540, C580
* Stylus Photo Epson R900

Friday, April 3, 2009

Reset MP390 Waste Ink Full Tank

The below reset procedure worked for me. I did not have to clean the waste-ink sponge. Many thanks to lp who originally posted it and to "Anonymous" who reposted it.

1)Printer on, press Additional Functions, Scan, Copy, Scan
Now you should be in service mode from there for waste ink tank reset

2)Select Test mode which is like the last avalabe selection
3)Select #8 Printer Test, it will do something here like cleaning or something then it will come up with some other option this is where it gets a bit confusing cause now all it says is like 8-2 or 8-3 push the + or - button until it says 8-3 then hit the select button

The menu will now say EEPRON Clear
Select Ink count which is option (0) and press set

Then press Stop/Reset Followed by the power button and then wait for it to restart.

iP Tool : Download
EEPROM Printer Canon ip6210D/6220D/MP170/MP450/2200/ip600 Download
MPTool MP150/MP160/MP170/MP180/MP450/MP460 Download
Step By Step Resetter canon MP Download

Reseter Printer Canon IP1880

To reset manually Ink Full Tank, try these methods :
1. Turn on Printer Canon iP 1880
2. Push and Hold resume button about 2 minutes
3. Release resume button
4. Printer will back in normal again
5. Then use the software.
6. Good Luck friend
7. If you want this permanent, Please Download Reset Tool

8. Reset tool support Canon iP2500, iP 1800, iP 1100

Download step by step canon iR1880, iP1980
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Adjustment Program for Stylus C40UX ,C40SX, C20UX, C20SX Operating Instructions

1. Operating Environment:
l Windows95 OSR2.0 or higher and Windows98.
l (for Windows95)
LPT1-LPT3 are used.
(for Windows98)
LPT1-LPT3 and EPUSB1-EPUSB3 are used.
2. How to use the Adjustment Program:
Copy the Adjustment Program on the desktop, and then , execute the program.
3. Cautions:
1) When you confirm the function of USB port properly, you must use Windows98
pre-installed PC. It cannot function properly on Windows95.
2) When you operate this program on the Windows95 or Windows98, you cannot
operate it with Status Monitor is running. Close Status Monitor on Task tray
before start the Adjustment Program.
3) Do not change the setting for “Font size” in “settings tab” of the
“Display Property”window.
4) Please do not start the Adjustment Program before connecting the printer with
a parallel I/F cable or USB I/F cable.
If you do not follow the instruction, the program will freeze.
5) Please do not send any commands during Check Pattern printing.
6) In case of turning off the printer, or the parallel I/F cable or USB I/F
cable is removed during booting the Adjustment Program, please restart the Adjustment Program.

Adjustment Program for Stylus C40UX / C40SX / C20UX / C20SX : Download
Adjustment Program for Stylus C61/C62: Download