Thursday, March 5, 2009

Canon Service Support Tool

The SST startup screen appears.

download Service Support Tool V.201 and STT Error list
Downloaddowbload Service Support Tool V.163e
download Service Support Tool V.173e


Anonymous said...

TIP: SST : Preventing Time Out Error and damaging Bootrom..

When flashing via Network cable ie FIXED IP or Safe Mode
Insure the network connection is 100 mbps before flashing. see Network icon in System tray of the desktop

You will crash the bootrom ie IR8070 or the harddrive ie IR4570

IF booting the machine in SAFE MODE, the machine looks at the user setting under SYSTEM SETTINGS>NETWORK>ETHERNET DRIVER Settings

Insure it is on AUTO DETECT (default) and NOT 10 mbps. restart the machine
If the machine must run at 10 mbps. Set it back afterwards

You can set in service mode OPTIONS>BODY>NW-SPEED = 1 (default is 0)
0 = Use User settings
1 = 100 mbps
2 = 10 mbps

Anand sharma said...

Unable to Download Service Support Tool V.173e from the links above.
Please suggest another

juwai said...

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