Friday, April 3, 2009

Adjustment Program for Stylus C40UX ,C40SX, C20UX, C20SX Operating Instructions

1. Operating Environment:
l Windows95 OSR2.0 or higher and Windows98.
l (for Windows95)
LPT1-LPT3 are used.
(for Windows98)
LPT1-LPT3 and EPUSB1-EPUSB3 are used.
2. How to use the Adjustment Program:
Copy the Adjustment Program on the desktop, and then , execute the program.
3. Cautions:
1) When you confirm the function of USB port properly, you must use Windows98
pre-installed PC. It cannot function properly on Windows95.
2) When you operate this program on the Windows95 or Windows98, you cannot
operate it with Status Monitor is running. Close Status Monitor on Task tray
before start the Adjustment Program.
3) Do not change the setting for “Font size” in “settings tab” of the
“Display Property”window.
4) Please do not start the Adjustment Program before connecting the printer with
a parallel I/F cable or USB I/F cable.
If you do not follow the instruction, the program will freeze.
5) Please do not send any commands during Check Pattern printing.
6) In case of turning off the printer, or the parallel I/F cable or USB I/F
cable is removed during booting the Adjustment Program, please restart the Adjustment Program.

Adjustment Program for Stylus C40UX / C40SX / C20UX / C20SX : Download
Adjustment Program for Stylus C61/C62: Download

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