Monday, December 8, 2008

Resetter Printer Pixma iP1980

Canon PIXMA iP1980 Photo Printer, featuring the FINE Cartridge for fast and quality photo printing, 2 picoliter ink droplets and resolution of 4,800 x 1,200 dpi, finishes a fine 4" x 6" borderless printing in just 55 seconds. Up to 100-year album life can be achieved with new ChormaLife 100's FINE cartridge and Photo Paper Pro or Photo Paper Plus Glossy or Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss or Glossy Photo Paper. This stylishly designed printer fits perfectly in any surroundings. The reasonable price of iP1980 makes it become the first choice of Students for printing solution.

From the design Canon ip1980 is same as pixma ip1880. If there are some problems in ip1980 such as waste ink absorber full error you just remember General Tools (resetter)for Canon Pixma ip 1880.

How to reset ink level on Canon Pixma iP1800

1. press power button while plug in the powerchord - green lamp.
2. while hold the power button press resume button twice - orange
blink and return to green.
3. release the power button, - the prnter will start.
4. try to print a page.
5. hope it's work.

Note: If resetting the printer does not work, please attempt any other solutions.

Download Sofware Reset Reset Waste Ink Counter for Canon Pixma ip1980

step by step resetter canon iP1980 download


Anonymous said...

how to reset pixma1980?? here's how...
unplug power and usb cable
hold printer on then plug the power cable press resume twice then release both.. once you done use canon 1880 General tools...
good luck guys..
any comments email me at marvinleones@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks general tool ip1980
u friends

Epson RIP said...

Cool stuff, better than the Epson

Anonymous said...

your blog very good

Anonymous said...

terima kasih resetter ip1980 nya
saya sudah coba bisa

reset ip1880 bisa dipakai di 1980

Anonymous said...

1. Turn off printer.
2. Hold down Resume button and press Power button.
3. Keep holding down Power button and let Resume button go.
4. Press Resume button 2 times then let BOTH buttons go.
5. Green lights will flash and then stop blinking.
6. When green lights are solid, press the Resume button 4 times.
7. Press the Power button and the printer should turn off, if not, press the Power button once more.
8. Your printer should respond as normal.

Djanky said...

thanks for the resetter, nice blog... keep on writing, and one thing... i'm from surabaya, indonesia... do you know where to buy somethings that need to prepared? if i'm gonna make a business in printer solution... anyway, thanks for your information

[email: han_kwo[at]yahoo[dot]com]

Anonymous said...

Hi, it doesn't work :( all of the button in the iptool is disabled except for create log, about, and exit button.

Anonymous said...

(Orange Flashes 7 times and green once)

After trying various tips suggested above, both manual and software tool, nothing worked for me.

However, i tried a combination of both which has cured the problem. I'm not sure if it was luck, but here is what i did.

I removed the color cartridge and covered the top 2 rows of the connections with tape.

I then replaced the cartridge and closed the lid. The flashes then reduced to 5.

I then unplugged the power cord, and reconnected while holding the power button down. I held this for approximately 1min. While holding the power button i pressed the reset button twice.

The green LED was then in a permanent state of green. I then ran the software which is listed above (Which froze while the printer was in error mode) and reset eprom etc.

It's working fine for the moment.

Anonymous said...

7 blinks orange and 1 blink green

how i will resolve this problem all the tips, suggestions does not work with my canon pixma ip1880 plz help me tnx

Anonymous said...

thank you so much..nice work!God Bless You All...Thank you for your help my printer is working now...

Anonymous said...

CARA RESET Canon iP1980

Untuk melakukan Ink Full Tank Resetter pada IP 1980 biasanya lampu indikator pada power dan resume berkedip-kedip berulang kali bila itu terjadi lakukan langkah berikutnya :

1. Hidupkan printer Canon iP1900
2. Tekan dan tahan tombol Resume selama 2 menit.
3. Lepaskan tombol Resume.
4. Printer akan normal kembali.
5. Apabila masih belum normal juga, lakukan langkah sebagai untuk reset manual dan Reset Sofware

Langkah Reset Manual

1. Colokan kabel power Printer dalam keadaan lepas
2. Tekan dan tahan tombol power dengan jari telunjuk anda kemudian masukan kabel power
3. Tombol power masih ditahan, kemudian jari tengah andah pencet tombol resume sebanyak dua kali.
4. Lepas tombol power
5. Printer sudah tidak berkedip-kedip
6. Pada tahap ini anda sudah selesai melakukan langkah Reset Manual
7. Agar permanen silahkan gunakan Reset Sofware.

Download Sofware Resseter Printer IP 19800
Lakukan langkah nya sebagai berikut :

1. Pastikan attribut semua file bebas dari Read Only.
2. Jalankan GeneralTool.exe GeneralTool iP1900
3. Pada USB Port pilih Port printer anda.
4. Klik tombol Lock Release
5. Pilih (centang) EEPROM CLEAR
6. Sediakan kertas kosong untuk print. Lalu Klik tombol Test Pattern 1
7. Selesai Printer IP1900 anda normal kembali.

Anonymous said...

i dont understand. my pc freeze when the GeneralTool.exe i click Main and Platen

igun said...

makasih saya jd bisa ngeprint lagi
tp lamp powernya ga mati2, gmana caranya biar aman?

warren said...

i need an installer of pixma 1980 where can i get....

tanto said...

makasih mas softwarenya...printer saya sudah bisa digunakan lagi..
tips komputer
download free software

Anonymous said...

bro..bagaimana mau bikin(ink absorber is full contect the service center,)

presschimp said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

kalo reset mg2170? apa udah ada softwarenya?

Donaid bare said...

Good tips for printer driver. Really, its very helpful information. I think solve my printer driver problem. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

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goksa kocevski said...

I have a problem for the printer, I have a Canon iP1900, seven times world orange, and once the green light, what needs to be done, thanks

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ko phyo said...

ip 1980 absorber full ,
I have a general tool but ,it's not detect
I need your help,Please

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