Sunday, December 7, 2008

Canon PIXMA iP1880 Inkjet Printer

Dear all reseter's

This is How to Reset Canon Pixma iP 1880 :
Waste Ink Counter Reset Manual for Service mode
1. Turn On iP1880
2. Push and Hold Resume button about 2 minutes
3. Release Resume button
4. Printer back to normal again
Sofware Download General Tool

# Driver Canon PIXMA IP1880 Download
# Driver IP1880 for Ubuntu


Anonymous said...

thanks for your recommended, I can reset my canon myself. It's because your blog

Anonymous said...

thanks yor reset canon

Anonymous said...

my ip1880 printer with a continuous ink system is blinking orange light like crazy. I tried to reset using your procedure but it did not work. Its blinking 7x and the technician said that I need to replace a new ink because the ink had run dry. Thinking to myself how can it run dry if im using continuous ink. Please help me with this problem.

Anonymous said...

i have CanoniP1880 printer i m using intank, its third time in a month its giving a message (ink absorber is full contect the service center, every time i have to bring it service center, i try to reset it likewise you tell the procedure but its not working, is their any way to reset it. thanks

Anonymous said...

i have pixma ip 1880 .. i followed your instructions .. after resetting it ,, the resume button blinked 5 times then the power one blink . my printer still don't work. when i tried to print ,, a message comes out and it says that my cartridges are not installed well .


Anonymous said...

try to use resetter for pixma ip1880
i used this resetter i and it work well

Anonymous said...

look like you has bad contact or bad cartridge,turn off printer & delete all any printer softwear,reinstall canon printer softwear,do as click08 process,be sure you replace your cartridges right way. try it again.Good luck !!

Anonymous said...

Error: The following ink cartridge is not recognized.
Black (40/830) Color (41 & 831)

Means: Cartridge cannot be used anymore, or chips is destroyed.
Questions: Is there any ways that this problem can be fixed?

Error: Paper is jammed.
I try printing and this error automatically comes out.
Questions: How can i fixed this? Any help out there.

Error: Waste tank absorber is full,,,etc...
When I print this error comes out, but what makes me confused is that my printer lights only the green light flashing while the orange light does not (resume button)...Somebody told me that that the printer lighs orange or red to sign that there is a problem error.

Questions: I used waste tank absorber resetter software and it hungs my computer, I try using the manual resetting, but does not work either. help me please...

thank you in advance...

Anonymous said...

reset ink level on Canon Pixma iP1800

Sounds like you guys with the 7 orange blinks have a cartridge problem, but as this hasn't happened to me (yet) it is not easy to work out what is going wrong.

If it did happen to me, this is what I would try -
Remove the cartridges and clean the electrical contacts with a soft clean cloth and alcohol. Replace the cartridges, making sure thet are fully clicked into position in the correct slots, then try the printer to see if there is any difference.
If there was no difference, I would try to borrow some known good cartridges and see if they worked in my machine.
As a last resort, I would buy two new cartridges (because the message doesn't say which one is causing the problem). New cartridges are almost as expensive as the printer, so if I still ended up junking the printer, I would auction them as nearly-new on eBay.

If one of you guys is prepared to take a chance and try this, let everyone know, because we don't want you all rushing out buying new cartridges and making Canon even wealthier!

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your information.

You are quite right - there is no ink level sensor. Canon just decide arbitrarily how many pages you are entitled to expect from your printer and then bring it grinding to a halt!
You can make up your own mind whether this is ethical business practise.

I first came across this problem with the i250 and found there was a software "IP Tool" freely available on the Web. This makes it possible to get around the problem by resetting the EEPROM.

AS yet, I haven't found a similar tool for the iP1800, but I live in hope and will let everyone know when I have any information.

If you found out how to open the case of the iP1800, I would be very interested to know how you did it? At first glance it looks pretty impenetrable.....

Anonymous said...

As of now i don't have a problem with the ink of my IP1800. my problem is on the way the papers are feed.. if i'll laod engough papers the printer gets 5 or more papers that results jam... so thay i can print.. i just laod the paper 1 by 1.. manual... what's wrong with my paper? where do you think is the defect? can somebody help?

Anonymous said...

As of now i don't have a problem with the ink of my IP1800. my problem is on the way the papers are feed.. if i'll laod enough papers the printer gets 5 or more papers that results jam... so that i can print.. i just laod the paper 1 by 1.. manual... what's wrong with my printer? where do you think is the defect? can somebody help?

Anonymous said...

Hi, it doesn't work :( all of the button in the iptool is disabled except for create log, about, and exit button.

Anonymous said...

7 times orange blinking and 1 time green blink means your cartridge is damage and needs replacement.

about that iP1700, unplugging and plugging the powerchord, i don't think it will solve the 7 times orange and 1 time green blinking. that is used to enter the service mode.

there is no such thing as resetting ink cartridge level when refilling PG-40/PG-830 CL-41/CL-831 cartridges. but you can always disable it by pressing resume button within 5 seconds.

Anonymous said...

hey about loading paper and gets 5 or more papers that lead to jamming of printer.. just try to look at the bottom of your printer there would be switch that you can adjust the thickness of the printer

Anonymous said...

plz answer,, why is my printer canon pixma ip1880 cannot print,, the warning said"the ink cartiridge cannot be recognize but it is a new one, what should i do? help me please

Anonymous said...

7 blinks orange and 1 blink green

how i will resolve this problem all the tips, suggestions does not work with my canon pixma ip1880 plz help me tnx

thryuiy said...

I used the iptool and its works for me what you need to is to get the printer into service mode first.
get to service mode follow the step
1. Press and hold down the power button while connecting the power cable.
2. Turn the printer on.while holding the power button.
Press and release the Resume button twice.

Anonymous said...

i have a problem with my ip1980 printer. Service error: 600.

what am I going to do with this? Pls. help me...

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Anonymous said...

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