Saturday, February 21, 2004

Canon Error Code, E013, E014, E015, E016, E017, E018, E019, E020

•The PLL lock is released because waste toner motor is locked up,etc.
•The micro switch employed to detect clogging of waste toner is activated.
•The waste toner case is detected full.
•The PLL lock of the fixing/feeding motor is released.
•Excess current of the feeding motor is detected.
•Clock pulses of the pick-up/duplexing/developing motor fails to be generated or
be detected.
•Excess current of the pick-up/duplexing/developing motor is detected.
E016 Excess current of the reciprocating motor
of the photosensitive drum cleaner unit is detected.
E017 The PLL lock of the drive motor of the holding tray unit is released.
E018 The PLL lock of the drive motor of the oil removing roller is
E019 The waste toner case is detected full although it is not.
E020 The developer fails to be replenished with starter developer properly.

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