Thursday, January 11, 2007

Canon pixma mp750 error #357

Any idea how to fix it? The symptoms, besides displaying error #357, are:
- print head does not move when I open or close the front panels(needed when
replacing ink cartridges)
- Message "Check printer. Press OK"
- Alarm indicator flashes


Anonymous said...

##357: This is an error in the position of the paper feed unit

Anonymous said...

Canon Pixma MP 750, 780##357 SOLUTION:
after pulling back paper jam in the back vertical paper tray i had the same error. the plate under the paper flipped up to touch the friction wheel. just pull down the plate (base of the paper stack), press ok, and everything is ok again !

beim zurückziehen von gestautem papier in vertikalen papierfach kann der gefederte Boden an die Einzugswalze (weisses Reibrad) vorklappen. einfach den boden wieder zurückdrücken, Ok drücken, und alles ist nach dem üblichen reset wieder ok !