Friday, January 12, 2007

Canon Error 5800 Waste ink Full Pixma MP 130

Turn on the printer press menu
press scan, copy, scan to enter service mode
use> to get to nvram
set ABS-M level to 0
Set ABS-P level to 0
Press stop to exit..........Done


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I had tried everything to get rid of the message; however, now that being said will my printer soon stop working and do I have to do something to empty the waste ink tank absorber? Is your printer still working? It seems like whenever I buy a printer I love within about 3-5 years it breaks down and I am sick of spending more money on these things. I do maintenance on it every time I change an ink tank. I clean the rollers and everything. If you have any further information pertaining to this issue I would appreciate it.

Anonymous said...


I had the same error with my MP130 and found a simple solution that works. Open up the MP130 like you're going to change ink, locate the two waste ink absorber pads on the right - that's where the cartridges sit before shifting over to the left when you open the cover. Use a Q-tip to blot up the excess ink on the pads until it is fairly dry -- I used about 10 Q-tips. Use Q-tips to wipe off excess ink around the pads too. When done, follow the steps below to reset the counter:

1) Enter the Service Menu by keying = Menu,Scan,Copy,Scan.
2) Use the arrows to navigate to Service Menu Counter Access. then press OK.
3) Use the arrows to navigate to ABS-M Dot Count, press Copy.
4) Use the minus arrow to reset the counter to zero, press OK then reset.
5) Turn the printer off and on.

Good luck!

Hawaiian Warrior