Monday, February 18, 2008

E061 & E100 Error Codes : iR6570 Series & iR5075 Series


* E061-0001 (Potential ON)
* E061-0002 (Potential OFF)
* E100-0001
* E227-0004
* The pin is broken on the Primary Fan 2 Duct. The Laser Shutter is activated by the pin on the Primary Fan Duct Assembly. The linkage is pinched not allowing the laser shutter to be fully actuated (may also indicate E227-0004). Faulty Laser Scanner Assembly.
* Defective DC Controller PCB Assembly.


1. Check the shutter operation and the pin on the Primary Fan Duct Assembly. If the
pin is broken replace the Primary Fan 2 Duct (iR6570 : FC6-3540-000 / iR5075
FL2-5834-000) or the Primary Fan Duct Assembly (iR6570 : FM2-3074-000 / iR5075
FM2-9694-000). If the Laser Scanner Assembly (iR6570 : FM2-3670-000 / iR5075
FM2-9832-000) has been replaced and error codes E100-0001/ E227-0004 are
intermittently indicated, proceed to the next step.
2. Remove the Primary Fan Duct Assembly (this assembly has a pin on it
that activates the laser shutter).
3. Remove and reinstall the Laser Scanner Assembly.
4. Install the Primary Fan Duct Assembly. This should free the linkage
allowing the laser shutter to be fully actuated.
5. Finally a DC Con clear resolved both of the intermittent issues (E100-0001/

Blank Image or Dark Fogging Image (Including Blank Areas) and E061-0001 / E061-0002 Errors Occur : iR6570 Series


* Blank copies,Dark fogging
* E061-0001 and E061-0002


When the above error code/image problems are experienced, perform the following:

1. Check the potential sensor wiring harness for any damage. This is caused by the harness being trapped between the hopper assembly and the cable tie head.
2. If the cable is damaged repair or replace as necessary.
3. Reposition the head of the cable ties on the cable guide in a downward position.
4. Input "1" under Service Mode > COPIER > FUNCTION > DPC > DPC, press the OK key and switch the Main power off and on so as to forcibly execute the Potential Control.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help my friend.

I bought the machine knowing of a copy quality issue, it was shading on the bottom three inches of the page. I assumed the primary balanced may have been tampered with so with a mm ruler I checked and the corona height was off, I adjusted it and got the copies perfect, after about 600 copies of testing, I started getting toner speckles on the copies (like a arcing primary corona) I let them go with these speckles and then it coded out. I then replaced the primary with a old unit I had hanging around off a 5000 and copies were perfect, I ran 25 two sided and it coded out again with same code.

In the machine error history, it showed this code 50 times from June of 08 to October of 08. Machines has 18k on it and is made in 2006.