Saturday, August 24, 2013

head cleaning epson R230x

1. Turn on the Epson Stylus Photo R230 printer or yours R230x
2. Click Start> Control Panel> select Printers and Faxes> Epson R230
3. Click Select Printer Printing Task prefference on the box that is on the right side of the window or can 

    also right-click on the Epson R230 and select Printing Prefferences
4. Select the Maintenance tab dialog box appears so that these

5.Then select Head Cleaning as shown in the picture above that I put a red circle, it will 
   display a dialog box like this
Select the start like in the picture above that I marked in red arrows, then this machine will do the print head cleaning, ink pumping Please wait for the printer to finish.

Epson R230x paper jam problem repair

R230X, R230,R220 epson printer suddenly could not pulling the paper so the paper can not get in to do the printing and sometimes even encouraged, but paper still can not get even get damaged paper
Epson R230 printer has 2 paper roll that serves interesting, this roll is located at the top and bottom of the printer, the printer In this type often have constraints that can not pull the paper at the time of print, the problem is usually caused by not working epektifnya rubber roll the many things that cause the rubber does not work well.which are:

1. Rubber is not abrasive (slippery)
2. A lot of dirt that sticks to the surface of the rubber
3. Rubber surface is bare

To overcome the above problems are many things we can do, from start fixing up the new one to replace it
To fix this follow the following steps:

1. Open the printer lid up to the opening roll.
2. Two roll rubber washer uses ordinary water course until clean.
3. Dry the rubber roll that has been in the washing to dry
4. Add seltipe the rubber where the rubber needs to be fixed purpose meeting and rather thick
5. Plug it back into its original position
6. completed

Hopefully the above tips can solve a problem with your printer, if there are any questions please leave a comment on this post.