Thursday, August 22, 2013

Canon Pixma IP2770 Error 5100

Error 5100 occurred at Canon iP2770 Printer This is usually caused because they are not detected by the Printer Cartridge. So the message Error 5100 We inform that the printer can not find its cartridges. Steps that must be done
1. Turn off the printer
2. Remove both cartridges from the printer
3. Use a cloth moistened with alcohol to clean the surface of the contact / terminal connector that touches

    Cartridge printer / could also use a pencil eraser
4. Replace the two Cartridge
5. Turn on the printer.


Anonymous said...

then how much the color and black cartridges?

goksa kocevski said...

I have a problem for the printer, I have a Canon iP1900, seven times world orange, and once the green light, what needs to be done, thanks

lugano said...

canon best colour. good printer