Monday, March 30, 2009

SSC Service Utility instruction

1. There will be an icon on the desktop after finishing installing
SSC Service Utility software.
2. Click this icon; you can start the main menu as the below picture shown.

1) Choose the printer model which you’ve installed driver in the first grid.
2) Choose the corresponding printer model supported in second grid.(For some special printer models, such as
CX5100, you can choose CX5200)
3) Click the two choices in the small window below. The first one means don’t load Epson status agent service at
startup; and the second means starting utility at Windows startup.
3. Click “REFRESH” and check whether ink volume is displayed as the following picture shown. If not or over
100%, it means the printer hasn’t been recognized. Then you can delete printer driver and re-install driver or
re-start the computer so that the printer can be recognized.

4. When the printer can be recognized, close the window. Then you will see a small SSCS image in the taskbar as
the below picture shown.
5. Click right button of mouse on SSCS image then you can start its functions.

6. “Protection counter” is the most useful function. When printer has printed lots of papers, it shall indicate, “the
components have reached its life span”. At this time, two lights on panel will blink alternatively. Actually the truth
is not like what the notice says. The reason for this problem is that EPSON has setup a “Printing Paper Record
Utility” on the mainboard. When finish printing the fixed pages, it will suggest changing the waste ink pad. In fact,
it still can be used for a long time. At this point, you can click the “Protection counter” and choose “ Reset
protection counter” to clear the records as below picture shown.
7. Click “Yes” when there a dialogue frame come out as below,.
8. Then click “OK”. The waste counter is resettled.
9. In the end, turn off printer and switch it back on again. Now you have finished the “SSC Procedure”.Download SSC

canon ir5000 photocopier printer

50 A4 ppm. Digital System Solution that seamlessly integrates across networks. Multi-tasking Copier, Printer, and Scanner.
Features of the Canon IR5000 Photocopier

* 50 ppm output
* Mailboxes - 100 available
* Scan Once Print Many
* Mixed Original Copying
* Job Build
* Reserve Jobs
* Job Notification
* 5.1 GB Hard Disk
* Remote User Interface

Further Information
Advanced architecture

Utilizing expert embedded controller technology, the Canon IR5000 photocopier is designed from the ground up to operate as a truly multi-functional unit -without single concept restraints. Thus the system is simpler to connect, monitor and control, while overall productivity and flexibility are also enhanced.

High quality, high speed
The Canon IR5000 photocopier delivers high image quality, high speed output for departmental printing and copying. This multifunctional role eliminates the need for dedicated machines, reducing investment outlay. It also offers greater flexibility for printing on different paper sizes, complete with finishing.

Superior image quality

The Canon IR5000 photocopier offers 50ppm output speed with 256-level grayscale support. Taking image quality to the next level, it incorporates innovative image enhancement technologies to deliver an amazing interpolated printing resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi.

Personal Image Server
It is possible to scan and store existing, hard copy documents onto the iR hard disk, using the Personal Image Server. These scanned documents are stored in a personal mailbox and can then be merged with documents processed on a PC. Thus creating a completely new document from two different sources.

Improved reliability
Reliability is a key element of the Canon IR5000 photocopier, ensuring consistent and continuous output. This next generation digital system is based on Canon extensive experience and proven expertise in digital and imaging technology. Complete with the back up of Canon renowned service coverage.

Full, flexible finishing
When the Canon IR5000 photocopier is configured only with an output tray, the image memory allows convenient electronic collation, with cross collated sets. A Finisher F1 is available offering a high output capacity of 2,000 sheets -in sorted, grouped or stapled mode. Up to 50 sheets can be stapled in a single set.

The Canon iR5000 brochure contains

* iR5000 performance information
* iR5000 optional extras
* iR5000 specifications
Download the iR5000 photocopier brochure Canon iR5000 brochure (342.69 kB)
Driver iR 5000/ 6000 series Download
service support tool Download iR 5000/ 6000 series
Download Repair system HDD iR 5000/ 6000 series

Monday, March 23, 2009

Service manual canon

Canon Pixma i450 service Manual Download
canon BJC 2100 service Manual Download
canon Pixma iP1500 Service Manual Download
Canon xnu i550/i850/i950 Manual service Download
Canon S100SP service Manual Download
canon BJC200 service Manual Download
canon S200SP service manual Download
canon BJC500 service manual Download
canon Pixma iP4000 service manual download

Epson R1800, R800, R2400 Waste Ink System

Epson R800/R1800 series

here is the ADJustment program for epson R800,R1800

please Download the ADj

any other....
do not forget your comment is on the waiting

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Refill Your HP 56 Cartridge

Canon Pixma MX868

Number of Colors 5 (Pigment Black and BK/C/Y/M dye-based inks)
Printing Technology Bubble-Jet / FINE™ / Chroma Life 100™
Max. Mediasize A4 / Letter
Duplex printing Yes
Remarks Resolution up to 9600 x 2400 dpi, borderless printing
possible, Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and PictBride interface, 2,5" Color-LCD
Pages/min black Pages/min color

OEM No. OCP Ink Code Color Type
PGI-820BK under development
CLI-821BK under development
CLI-821C under development
CLI-821M under development
CLI-821Y under development

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Canon Tutorial - Pixma MP220

Canon PIXMA® MP220 All-In-One InkJet Printer
Consumer Rating:
This standard photo all-in-one is ideal if you want to print, copy and scan at home. You can print from your memory card without a PC, thanks to the two-line LCD display .

See product details

Methods how to reset
1. Turn off the printer
2. Hold the Resume Button (red circle in the triangle),
add a printer (click “Power”) an indicator light green.
3. Hold the Power Button, release the Resume Button.
4. Not releasing the Power Button, double click “Resume” and release Both Buttons.
5. Click “Resume” for Four times
6. Once you click “Power”, to confirm the selected action (reset counter absorber). To disable the printer “Power” button to click again.

Canon Pixma MP210 Multifunctional Inkjet Printer

The goodThe good: Excellent task quality; decent task speeds, particularly photo printing; PictBridge port.

The badThe bad: No memory card slots; task feature sets aren't as fleshed out as the competitions'.

The bottom lineThe bottom line: If you're looking for the best print and scan quality from a budget all-in-one, the Canon Pixma MP210 is the one for you. Other models, however, offer more substantial feature sets.

Specifications: Office Machine Functions: Copier , Printer , Scanner ; Printer type: Multifunction printer ; Printing Technology: Ink-jet ; See full specs

canon IP4200

Try this methods to reset Printer iP4200

Hope it can help you.

Good luck

Refill kit for Canon inkjet

Monday, March 9, 2009

Chip Resetter for Canon CLI-8 and PGI-5 Cartridges


Chip Resetter for Canon CLI-8 and PGI-5 cartridges will reset the OEM Canon CLI-8 and Canon PGI-5 cartridge chips to "new" specs, allowing your printer to recognize the cartridge as new when you refill it. This resetter will yield thousands of successful resets, and is battery powered. Now you can finally refill the Canon CLI-8 and PGI-5 cartridges successfully, and reset the chips on the cartridges so the printer won't know the difference!

The resetter is guaranteed to work on Original brand Canon CLI8 and Original brand Canon PGI5 cartridge chips, but may not work on "compatible chips" manufactured by 3rd parties. As long as you are refilling a genuine Canon CLI8 or PGI5 cartridge, this resetter is 100% guaranteed to bring your chips back to 100% new specifications.

Chip Resetter can be used on the following inkjet Canon cartridges: PGI-5, CLI-8Bk, CLI-8C, CLI-8M, CLI-8Y, CLI-8PC, CLI-8PM, CLI-8G, CLI-8R

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Canon Service Support Tool

The SST startup screen appears.

download Service Support Tool V.201 and STT Error list
Downloaddowbload Service Support Tool V.163e
download Service Support Tool V.173e

canon iR5000 system

- Boot ROM 20.36N
- System 31.01N
- Message 31.01
- RUI 30.11
- HD Format 5
- G3 Fax 18.08
- MEAP 30.2

- Boot ROM 13.53
- System 17.01
- RUI 15.05
- HD Format 6

- System 17.01N

iR5000/6000 (with BW2)
- Boot ROM 9.28C
- System 72.01
- RUI 71.01
- HD Format 8

iR5000N/6000N (with BW2)
- Boot ROM 9.28N
- System 72.01N

- Boot ROM 9.28N
- System 8.02N
- Message 8.02
- RUI 8.01
- HD Format7

system canon iR3200

- Boot ROM 20.36N
- System 52.01N
- Message 52.01
- RUI 51.02
- HD Format 5
- MEAP 51.04

- Boot ROM 13.33C
- System 71.01
- Message 71.01
- RUI 70.2
- HD Format 5

- Boot ROM 13.33N
- System 71.01N

- Boot ROM 13.33C
- System 71.01
- Message 71.01
- RUI 70.2
- HD Format 10

- Boot ROM 13.33N
- System 71.01N

- Boot ROM 13.33C
- System 71.01
- Message 71.01
- RUI 70.2
- HD Format 5

- Boot ROM 13.33N
- System 71.01N

iR C3200
- Boot ROM 4.1
- System 10.01
- Message 10.01
- RUI 9.03
- HD Format 16
- G3 Fax 51.02
- Dcon 10.02
- Rcon 4.01

iR C3200N
- Boot ROM 2.05N

canon iR system versions

Main 38.02
Finisher L1

- Boot ROM 13.33C
- System 40.06
- Message 40.06
- RUI 40.04
- HD Format 10
- G3 Fax 18.08

- Boot ROM 13.33N
- System 40.06

- Boot ROM 13.33N
- System 20.08N
- Message 20.08
- RUI 20.05
- HD Format 4
- G3 Fax 18.08

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Manual Service Canon Ir 5000-6000


These are all list of error code in Canon iR5000/iR6000 more to come, i hope your machines works fine and never get error.

* E000

Main cause: the main thermistor (TH1) has poor contact or an open circuit.The thermal switch (TP1) has an open circuit.The fixing heater has an open circuit.The SSR is faulty.The DC controller PCB faulty.Mode of detection: 0000 after the main power switch is turned on,the temperature detected by the main thermistor does not reach 70ºC.
Caution: The error must be be reset in service mode (COPIER>FUNCTION>CLEAR>ERR)

* E001

Main cause: The main thermistor (TH1) has a short circuit.The sub thermistor (TH2) has detected overheating.The SSR is faulty.The DC controller PCB is faulty.Mode of detection:0001 The main thermistor or the sub thermistor has detected about 230ºC or higher for 2 sec.0002 The main thermistor has detected 230ºC or higher (hard circuit detection)0003 The sub thermistor has detected about 236ºC or higher. Caution: The error must be be reset in service mode (COPIER>FUNCTION>CLEAR>ERR)