Sunday, February 22, 2009

cli8 pgi5 resetter canon


Anonymous said...

Hi there - thanks for going and writing these details out. Been trying to stop the C yellow light flashing for a while now, after I refilled the colour ink cartridge.

I kind of got stuck after you said “7) Press the power button once or twice (it does not matter) and the printer will print a some stuff.” But, nothing printed at all. I tried a couple of times to no avail.

Anyway, I just reset the printer all together and started from the top. Only this time, I decided to just see if it would print before I started up the whole procedure again. And, you know what…it printed. The one yellow LED light is still flashing, but who cares. As long as it is printing at last, that’s what’s important.

If anyone else read this…try simply resetting by following the first 5 steps outlined above, and then doing a maintenance colour print or black ink print:

1 Load A4- or Letter-sized plain paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder.
2 Press [Maintenance] repeatedly until appears. (maintenance button is the one with a little pic of tools above it)
3 Press [Black] or [Color] button (depending on which tank you are testing).
The machine prints a nozzle check pattern.
This is simply to ensure that the printer is printer from the tank.

Then, you are set to print.

The yellow LED light will continue to flash until you replace it with an entirely canon cartridge.

Thanks again - this was VERY helpful, and I really appreciate people who put useful information like this on the web.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ticket info, I didn't end up having to use it but I did reference that another customer had received a replacement for the same issue. One supervisor in India instructed me to call HP Corporate Headquarters as they said they were the only ones that could help (ph 650-857-1501). Once I got the operator on the phone at headquarters I asked for a Senior Case Supervisor for the OfficeJet All-In-One products. The first time I spoke to a Senior Case Supervisor, he transferred back to India and they told me they would call back but it sounded grim for being able to help me.... they never called back. So, I reached out to another Senior Case Supervisor, this time they transferred me to Canada where I spoke to a very helpful representative who was happy to replace my printer with the same model with very few questions asked. She even had the replacement 7310(refurbished) sent via FedEx overnight! I received my new printer today and I can't tell you how glad I am that this is over... at least for now.