Sunday, February 22, 2004

Canon Error Code, E021, E022, E023, E024,E025,E026, E027, E028, E029, E029, E030

E021 The rotor fails to rotate and move properly due to a fault in the developing rotor/motor ass'y.
E022 Pressure fails to be applied to the developer after a specific time
passes after the developer is selected.
E023 The developer sleeve motor fails to rotate properly.
E024 The developer cannot be detected. ( not mounted properly.)
E025 Excess current of the toner delivery motor or the cartridge motor is
E030 The total counters are not functioning.
E031 The optional counters are not functioning.
E032 The counters for ASSIST are not functioning. (Disconnection of
counter pulse for ASSIST.)
E040 The lifter position signal fails to be generated due to a lifter clutch
E041 The paper deck lifter fails to be detected within a specific time.
E042 The roll paper cutting operation is not functioning properly because
the cut motor does not work, etc.
E043 An abnormal signal is detected due to a fault in the pick-up motor
for the 3-cassette deck/3.5K paper deck.
A malfunction of the holding tray. A fault in the side registration is

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