Sunday, December 7, 2008

Epson Stylus Photo C91


I have to provide adjustment program Epson Photo C91, C92 you can download it easily. Adjustment
Epson program for Windows XP.

To reset waste ink pad counter C91 or C92 printers you have to:
- Run the program
- Choose Particulare Adjustment Mode - Choose Waste Ink Pad Counter

Adjustment Program epsonStylus photo C91,C92 download


Anonymous said...

Thanks resetter u

zerdabmakla said...

hi, the resetter did not include epson c91 model B391C made in thailand ,,, and it has a wird behavior? when i run it it deseapear,,, any way if you can send me the right resetter to my e-mail address i will be very thankfull ZERDABMAKLA@GMAIL.COM