Monday, June 11, 2007

Canon MP390 Waste ink tank full

he sponge the original guy spoke about is not the waste ink sponge and cleaning it will not solve your problem. I ordered the pads and they are thick felt pads about 1/2 inch thick and about 5"X 2". You cannot access them without taking apart the printer. I have not done that yet as I'm afraid I might never get it back together again. So I'm continuing until it overflows. At that time I will take it apart with my camera to take detailed pics. I will post it if it works. If not, I will post the pic of my printer in the landfill. So the directions for resetting the counter is as follows. Spelling errors are not mine.

1)Printer on, press Additional Functions, Scan, Copy, Scan
Now you should be in service mode from there for waste ink tank reset

2)Select Test mode which is like the last avalabe selection
3)Select #8 Printer Test, it will do something here like cleaning or something then it will come up with some other option this is where it gets a bit confusing cause now all it says is like 8-2 or 8-3 push the + or - button until it says 8-3 then hit the select button

The menu will now say EEPRON Clear
Select Ink count which is option (0) and press set

Then press Stop/Reset Followed by the power button and then wait for it to restart.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! You are very generous!

Anonymous said...

1. Printer ‘on.’
2. Press: “Additional Functions” button
Press “Scan” button
Press “Copy” button
Press “Scan” button
3. Now it says, “Service Mode / #1 SSSW.
4. Keep hitting “+” [which is the right arrow]; it will go through #1 to #11 (Date/Time), then “Service Report,” and, lastly, “Test Mode.” Then hit “Set.”
5. Now you will have another set of selections. Keep hitting “+” [the right arrow] to go from #1(DRAM) to #8 (Printer Test). Then hit “Set.”
6. When it finishes some sort of function, “Please Wait” will be replaced by “-8-2+” Then hit “+” and it should then say “-8-3+” and you hit “Set.”
7. The screen should now say “EEPROM Clear.” [You may need to press “Set” then, to get to the next step? My notes aren’t clear.]
8. Option 0 should be “select ink count.” Press “Set.”
9. Press the “Stop/Reset” button.
10. Press the “On/Off” button.
11. Wait for the printer to restart.

I have had the “waste ink tank near full” message twice in the almost-3-years I’ve been using my printer and it’s still functioning fine. No “waste ink” coming out the bottom!

Anonymous said...

Thank your for your information regarding the "waste ink near full" display. Your first step is to rinse the ink pad. Is the ink pad the same as the ink tank or is the tank a part that I need to purchase before beginning your process? Thank you so much for any help you can give me.
Happy Holidays