Saturday, October 5, 2013

Error Ink Pads Epson L200

Epson L200 is an All-In-One printer, All-In-One printer is a printer unit has multiple function as Scanning, Photocopying, and printing.

Epson L200 comes with 6 ink bottle consist of 3 Black Ink, and colored ink, 1 bottle for Cyan, 1 bottle for Magenta, and 1 bottle for Yellow Colors. This set of inks can yield approximately 18,000 pages for black and 6,500 pages of colored print.

Epson L200 adopt the technology of using an ink tank or before a converted printer done by the third party.
Epson L200 comes with many advantage and on the other hand, also we expect some worst problem arising from it. The common problem with this printer are the following; no power, printing problem, ink pumping, and blotted image.

Such a problem can not print then out error " The printer 's ink pads are at the end of their service life ." When we take it to the place of service usually they reasoned that it should be replaced . Actually quite reset printer epson l200 with software Adjustment Program for Epson L200 .His manner is very simple reset

  1. Run the Adjustment Program for Epson L200 , choose Particular adjustment mode . 
  2.  In the next window select the Maintenance menu Waste ink pad counter then click OK
  3. At Waste ink pad counter window , click the Check button , you will see the value of each point on the counter . In the picture below looks Pad Counter Main section has passed through a maximum value . To reset select each counter , then click the button Initialization
  4. It would appear the message pop - up " When the OK button is clicked , the initialization is done" click OK
  5. Turn the printer off , then turn it on again and wait a few moments .
  6. To check whether the counter value has been successfully reset , press the Check button , Main pad counter value should be changed to 0 % . Click Finish to exit .   

Epson L200 printer has been successfully reset, then do a test print to ensure good printer
Download Adjustment Program for Epson L200


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