Tuesday, April 7, 2009


For seri i250, i255, i350, i355, PIXUS 350i

indicates :
WASTE INK TANK Full, printer has no respon

The Solutions :

1. Download i320 Service Tool or 350,355,250,255 Service Tool
2. Do service mode procedure to printer, the methods are ::
- Turn off printer, Take off USB cabel dan power cabel
- Push and hold POWER button, take on power, Turn on printer
- Indikator LED will be in green colour
- Push and let RESUME button, indicator LED will be in yellow colour
- Push and let RESUME button once more, indicator LED will be in green colour
- Let POWER button

This time printer in MODE SERVICE

Reset Manual i255-i355.pdf


3. Do reset waste ink tank procedure with :
4. take on USB cabel
5. Do program General Tool
6. The Figure will be like this :
7. Choose the parameter no 1
8. Put on no 2 according to printer canon, DON”T BE WRONG!!!
9.Congratulation… printer has been in Reset.

software program Adjustment Program

* Stylus Photo Epson 880 - 888
* Stylus Photo Epson C83 - C85
* Stylus Photo Epson R210 - r220
* Stylus Photo Color Epson Stylus C680,777
* Stylus Photo Epson C59
* Stylus Photo Epson C63,C64,C65
* Stylus Photo Epson Stylus CX4900, CX5900,C79, R270
* Stylus Photo Epson Stylus C540, C580
* Stylus Photo Epson R900