Wednesday, February 18, 2009

canon IRC3200 error

E751 can be displayed when a connection error of the drum unit or toner cartridge occurs. The following are the detail of each sub code. You may find it helpful to refer to them when servicing. The suffix "x" of each sub code shows color of the affected drum unit or toner cartridge. (1=Y, 2=M, 3=C, and 4=k)
- 000x: Drum unit connection error (on printer side)
- 100x: Toner cartridge connection error (on printer side)
- 010x: Drum unit memory writing error
- 110x: Toner cartridge memory writing error
- 020x: Drum unit memory data error
- 120x: Toner cartridge memory data error
- 030x: Drum unit memory writing error (The number of reties exceeds the specified value.)
- 130x: Toner cartridge memory writing error (The number of reties exceeds the specified value.)

Though it can be memory related, it looks like a E751-1003 is Toner cartridge connection error (on printer side) Check the cyan drum or the cyan toner cartridge for now. Keep us posted when you try some of the details above.

Cannon 2200/3300 Imagerunner HDD failure e602 error

The machine has a error code 602-0003

1) Are the connection and the cable of the connector (J1017) on the main controller PCB and the connector (J1551) on the hard disk drive normal? NO: Correct the cable connection.Hard disk drive (HDD), Main controller PCB
2) Try replacing the hard disk drive and downloading the system software.Is the problem corrected?
YES: End. NO: Replace the main controller PCB.
3) HDD unit.
Remove the rear upper cover and the reader rear cover. Remove the three screws, and detach the cover, Remove the two screws and disconnect the two connectors then, remove the HDD unit. Remove the six screws and detach the HDD When mounting the HDD unit,be sure that the flat cable is under the plastic sheet of the HDD upper case.

Epson Stylus Photo 960 Paper Jam Sensor Repair

The first time a paper crinkled upon loading in my new printer it damaged the jam sensor and the paper light
was always blinking with no remedy and could not print. Having had Epson send me a rebuilt unit (which was
dead on arrival I decided to look for a repair – here’s what I found – Apparently this is very common with these
printers – and not that hard to fix – just a poor design on their part.
Tools needed: Long regular screwdriver, Phillips screw driver, hot glue gun (or drop of epoxy), flashlight.
1. Turn off and unplug unit.
2. First remove the top cover by carefully popping it off the hinge pins manually.
3. Remove upper housing case– here is how:
Remove 4 phillips screws total – 2 just outside of cover hinges and two inside the front of the carriage
area – all visible from the top.
Once the screws are out lift the back of the case a little then with a long screw driver reach way down in the
front corners (2) and release two barbed “catches” that hold the front of the case down – flashlight is handy
here. Work the cover up and pull the ribbon cable out of the control switch circuit board (Note colored side
of ribbon cable is towards you) and peel the cable loose where it is stuck to the case to release case now
free. Manual service download

Resetting canon cli8 / pgi5 cartridges