Monday, June 6, 2005

Canon i80 Color BubbleJet

the waste absorber full reset sequence for the I80.

1)Turn off the printer. Press and hold the Resume/Cancel and Power buttons at the same time.

2)Release the Resume/Cancel button. (continue to hold down the power button)

3)While continuing to hold down the power button press the Resume/Cancel button 3 times then release both buttons.

4)The LED should now be green. Press the Resume/Cancel button 4 times. The led should be green.

Power it off and you should be good to go!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Epson Stylus COLOR 300 Windows XP Driver

Driver downloads
I finally was able to hack the (already unnofficial) NT drivers for the stylus color 300 to work (in colour!) under XP. I then spent a few
hours trying to simplify the procedure in hopes that other users of this printer might get it to work too.

Before you use the enclosed .REG and .EXE files, you MUST read the (also) enclosed _README-NOW!.RTF text file - this includes
instructions of use, as well as the following disclaimer:

"While these steps worked fine with me, they might not work at all on your machine. In fact, since this procedure involves changes to the Windows Registry it is a SENSITIVE PROCEDURE THAT CAN, IN AN EXTREME CASE, RENDER YOUR WINDOWS XP INSTALLATION USELESS! While I find this
immensely hard to occur, it can hypothetically happen, so you use this at your own risk. I will not be liable for any damages directly or
indirectly connected to using this procedure and it comes with NO WARRANTY whatsoever."
(At the time of writing, I have received feedback from over 100 people and not a single one has ruined their Windows installation and over 95% successfully installed the driver)

Please let me know if it worked for you.


Miguel Melo