Tuesday, April 7, 2009

software program Adjustment Program

* Stylus Photo Epson 880 - 888
* Stylus Photo Epson C83 - C85
* Stylus Photo Epson R210 - r220
* Stylus Photo Color Epson Stylus C680,777
* Stylus Photo Epson C59
* Stylus Photo Epson C63,C64,C65
* Stylus Photo Epson Stylus CX4900, CX5900,C79, R270
* Stylus Photo Epson Stylus C540, C580
* Stylus Photo Epson R900


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of an Epson adjustment program with which I can freeze the ink quantity remaining in the cartridges for an Epson D120 printer? Therefore, especially for a CISS system it is no longer necessary to continually frequently reset the cartridge chips because the printer thinks they are empty.
The D120 is not supported by the SSC Service Utility. I have found another program to reset the waste ink counter - no problem with that now but annoying to have to keep resetting the cartridges! Cheers SW.

Chris Brooks said...

looking for some help with my Epson stylus pro 7890 anyone that can help me or link me to how to reset the ink chip without a resetter device, please aethyrindustries@gmail.com